Friday, October 12, 2012

Bowling Scrap Kit

Full Size Bowling scrap Kit.
  Kit includes:
2 bowling people and one silhouette bowling person
Bowling shirt, scorecard, pencil, bowling trophy, bowling cartoon plushie,
bowling lane, 10 pen, and a 5 pen bowling pen ( popular in Canada),
bowling ball return, assortment of bowling balls, including a 5 pen smaller bowling ball.
star spray, best bowler bowling button, bowling bag, 8 assorted bowling word art, 5 frames,
bottle caps, bowling shoes, 6 assorted flowers to decorate your scrapbook pages with, bowling food
(hamburger, whole and slice pizza, soda, hotdog, mug of beer, 9 ribbons.  20 full size papers, Not all elements and papers are
shown in the previews.
Available at my stores

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