Wednesday, January 30, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Designer CU Mix

Going Green Designer Mix, Commercial Use.

Full size Green paper,
green beer,
green Banner,
Green Boot,
Green Bunch of shamrocks, with bow,
Green Folded ribbon,
Green ribbon Frame with clovers,
green Glass, Clover,
green Glitter Trail,
Horse shoe,
green shamrock lace,
green pipes ( one with shamrock, one without,
Green clover design
gold, rose,
Green clover shamrock
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fabric Bolts PSP Script ( GREAT for Paper Previews)

This Script Makes a row of Fabric Bolts. This is great if you want a unique way to display your papers for your kits. Load your papers from your kit in your pattern file, then when it is time to choose the color, you choose those papers.
Script is left in layers, so you can add your own textures if you decide to just run a color or gradient, or you want to arrange the bolts. Run the Script more then once, to add more papers to your preview. Finished product is large (approx. 3300x3120) so it will fit on your preview sample, and you can size it down to your liking as you size down your preview. This is also great for an element for your kits! Just size down to what you want. Commercial Use ok. Tested in 9-x5
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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fan Page Freebie

New Fan page Freebie
A bunch of Sweets
to Go with the Land Of Candy
Scrap Kit

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Land Of Candy Scrap Kit

Fun Colorful Land of Candy Scrap kit
over 100 Elements and 20 Papers
Kit Includes:

Chocolate Chip,
Chocolate Bon Bon,
chocolate Heart Lolly,
3 Donuts,
7 Gum drops,
Double chocolate swirl Ice Cream Cone,
Mint, and strawberry Ice cream cone,
Fudgesicle plant,
6 Jelly Beans,
11 Lollypops, (swirls, Suckers, and twirl Lollipop)
Lollipop bush,
Chocolate Covered Marchmallow, white fluffy marshmallows
stacks of colored and white marshMallows,
4  circle peppermints,
2 stick candies,
Candy Cane,
2 small mint sticks,
4 rock candy on Sticks,
Candy Apple,
jaw breaker,
Layered Cake on a cake plate,
Cherry Parfait,
Cotton Candy.
4 candy wafers,
pink candy with black licorice,
3 round candies,
2 gummy bears,
orange and lemon slice,
3 gummy slices, (lime, and 2 oranges)
5 bows,
5 playing cards, ( one blank, double space, and red single space, snowflake and chocolates,
8 frames,
2 licorice,
Start and finish sign,
Cute pink Pony,
candy poof tree,
2 player markers,
4 ribbons,
3 word art
6 flowers,
3 leaves,
glitter trail,
heart spray,
20 full Size Papers
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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Jester Hat script - Mardi Gras Hat

Jester Hat PSP Script

This Script will make a Fuzzy Jester Hat. Great for Mardi Gras, Halloween Party, birthday party, or any party! Script is left in layers. Commercial Use
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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

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