Friday, January 18, 2013

Land Of Candy Scrap Kit

Fun Colorful Land of Candy Scrap kit
over 100 Elements and 20 Papers
Kit Includes:

Chocolate Chip,
Chocolate Bon Bon,
chocolate Heart Lolly,
3 Donuts,
7 Gum drops,
Double chocolate swirl Ice Cream Cone,
Mint, and strawberry Ice cream cone,
Fudgesicle plant,
6 Jelly Beans,
11 Lollypops, (swirls, Suckers, and twirl Lollipop)
Lollipop bush,
Chocolate Covered Marchmallow, white fluffy marshmallows
stacks of colored and white marshMallows,
4  circle peppermints,
2 stick candies,
Candy Cane,
2 small mint sticks,
4 rock candy on Sticks,
Candy Apple,
jaw breaker,
Layered Cake on a cake plate,
Cherry Parfait,
Cotton Candy.
4 candy wafers,
pink candy with black licorice,
3 round candies,
2 gummy bears,
orange and lemon slice,
3 gummy slices, (lime, and 2 oranges)
5 bows,
5 playing cards, ( one blank, double space, and red single space, snowflake and chocolates,
8 frames,
2 licorice,
Start and finish sign,
Cute pink Pony,
candy poof tree,
2 player markers,
4 ribbons,
3 word art
6 flowers,
3 leaves,
glitter trail,
heart spray,
20 full Size Papers
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